Telehandlers are known to some as telescopic forklifts because of their extended boom and attachments. They can also complete similar jobs to a forklift, but they bring more power, reach, and versatility to the job site. Ultra-strong boom for lifting higher and farther with more confidence.
Telescopic forklift sizes vary. A compact telescopic forklift might hoist 5,500 pounds up to 19 feet high. The heaviest-duty telescopic forklift might hoist 10,000 to 12,000 pounds up to 56 feet high. The best forklift for your job comes down to a variety of factors, including load size.
This machine size range reaches between 19 to 42 feet and often does not require outriggers or stabilizers. Heavy-duty telehandlers, commonly known as 10k or 12k telehandlers, can lift up to 12,000 lbs. They have a reach of 54 feet and come with outriggers or stabilizers for added stability. High-capacity telehandlers are specialized machines.

How do I choose a telehandler?

Choose a telehandler that’s built to tackle the most demanding terrain. Although JLG doesn’t sell traditional forklifts, telehandlers are known to some as telescopic forklifts because of their extended boom and attachments. They can also complete similar jobs to a forklift, but they bring more power, reach, and versatility to the job site.

A heavy-duty forklift, also known as a large-capacity forklift or industrial forklift, is a cross between a warehouse forklift and a telehandler. It has load and lift capacities that rival those of a telehandler, but it has a mast, not a boom, so it lacks the telehandler’s reach.

What is a heavy-duty forklift? The heavy-duty forklift — also called a large capacity forklift — combines the functionalities of a warehouse forklift with a telehandler. While it can’t reach difficult angles the way a telehandler can, it is capable of lifting heavier loads much higher off the ground than a warehouse forklift.

Our training continues while customers call or book

Online / Google Maps for Location Practicals are done in Pretoria 


Our training continues while customers call or book

Online / Google Maps for Location Practicals are done in Pretoria 


What are the different types of construction telehandlers? Construction Telehandlers. 1 DL11-44 GEN:3. Max. capacity 4990 kg. Max. lifting height 13.6 m. Max. Reach 9.3 m. 2 DL11-55 GEN:3. 3 DL12-55 GEN:3. 4 RS 4-14 Gen: 3. 5 RS 6-42 Gen: *Good spatial awareness. *Attention to detail. *Ability to work well with others. *Ability to operate and control equipment. *Understanding of health and safety. What is best practice for Stackers? Operational Best Practices Store loads on high ground and uphill, not downhill. On slopes, tip the load backwards and raise only enough to clear the road surface. Do not raise or lower the forks while the forklift is in motion. Drive the loader at a speed that allows it to stop safely.



We do onsite Assessments for our clients upon call out or Quote


We certify Individuals with Experience both onsite or Workplace with the following documents: Service Letter form the Company or Affidavit stating the years of Experience in the field of operations. How do I become a telescopic boom handler operator? Apply and start at any time for accredited telescopic boom handle training. In this telescopic boom handle operator training course, learners operate a telescopic boom handle or container handler by understanding the functions of starting, shutting down, and operating procedures.

A Telescopic boom handler is an industrial machine also called a lifting truck used to lift and move heavy materials over a short distance.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is compulsory for safety purposes. Ability to communicate in English. Ability to work well with others.
Ability to operate and control equipment.
Understanding of health and safety.

 Telescopic boom handler are used to transport a load within short distances very quickly and pile them in various rows depending on their access. Training on their safe and efficient use is delivered on all sizes and capacities from 10,000kg capacity empty container handlers right through to 50,000kg capacity machines.

Copy of National ID/ Passport/Asylum, X2 passport photos, and CV necessary for job assistance and will be presented to potential employers for recruitment purposes.

5-7 days. Theory and practical experience. For Onsite it’s one day assessment for individuals already using the Telescopic boom handler machine.

Its code of practice for the Telescopic boom handler license is to expire after 2 years. Visit our nearest Telescopic boom handler school to renew your Reach stacker operator license and certificate.

The average salary for a Telescopic boom handler driver in South Africa is R160,500 per year or R75.00 per hour.

R7500 Per Month and Salaries range from R7000 (Lowest )  to R12000(highest) Depending on the type of company.

At Gautech we charge R5000 Training for Telescopic boom handlers both theory and practical experience, you Practice until you become perfect with the machine.

 Telescopic boom handler jobs can be found at warehouses, dealers, junkyards, hardware stores, brick dealers, and more. The operator’s responsibilities at  work are: 

1. Telescopic boom handler operation
2. Invoice Interpretation
3.  Telescopic boom handler Maintenance
4. Customer Service
5. Placing, stacking of containers.
6. Maintaining and promoting company values and culture

1. Grade 12
2. Valid  Telescopic boom handler Operator Certificate
3. At least 2 years experience as a  Telescopic boom handler operator

The best-in-class  Handler equipment is the 3-25 ton Telescopic boom handler with codes. Generally used for all container handling needs.

From the outside, driving a  Telescopic boom handler can seem quite complicated, especially for a beginner. However, many already-certified Telescopic boom handler drivers will tell you that it is as easy as driving a car. However, this does not mean that it can be taken lightly.

With the growth of the need for operators in  various fields of work, industrial, logistics, Yards for offloading heavy items or equipment,

 For E-commerce and the warehousing industry, the job of a  Telescopic boom handler driver is in high demand and thousands of job postings are posted every year. 

Telescopic boom handler drivers make up over 15% of all harbor workers. Telescopic boom handler driving is not for everyone. The job requires certain skills and training

A Telescopic boom handler certificate and license are valid for 2 Years the window period for renewal is 3 months after that refreshing is required as per the code of Practice.

Telescopic boom handler Operator responsibility in a workplace

  • Loading, unloading, shipping, and receiving warehouse items.
  • Transporting materials to different locations within the facility.
  • Optimizing loads to ensure operational efficiency.
  • Securing loads to the machine before transportation.
  • Inspecting for damages to vehicles.
  • Scheduling vehicles for maintenance and repairs.
  • Operating and managing technical equipment.
  • Managing inventory by utilizing RF scanning equipment.
  • Picking and wrapping orders for shipment.
  • Identifying workplace safety hazards.
  • Adhering to safety management standards.


To become a  Telescopic boom handler operator it’s not necessarily a requirement to have a driver’s license though accordance with the specified requirements. it’s vital to have one or Eyetest report.
Immediately after demonstrating an understanding of how a Telescopic boom handler operator operates when moving goods in  production facilities according to the specified requirements. You will receive a COC certificate of competency
How Fast Can a Telescopic boom handler Go? A common Telescopic boom handler’s max speed is 10 miles per hour. But depending on the type and model, the Telescopic boom handler’s top speed is usually between 5 and 15 mph

We offer the most affordable, reliable Telescopic boom handler training service around Pretoria, upon completion we also assist in scouting job opportunities for our clients. Kindly share your details with us to notify you if companies advertise for posts. Apply or join our job search Database by clicking the button (APPLY)