1. Must be good at working with your hands
  2. You must have physical stamina and strength
  3. You must be detail-oriented
  4. You must have good business skills
  5. You must have a very logical mind
  6. You must have excellency in problem-solving techniques
  7. ID copy 
  8. 2 passport photos
  9. CV
  10. Grade 8 report or equivalent

Week 1

 *Introduction to theory of Carpentry

*Types of power / Pneumatic  & Hand tools

*Types of wood


*Workshop Safety


Week 2

 *Interpret basic Carpentry drawing.

*Cutting and identifying different joints

* Setting out and constructing basic joints.

Week 3

 *Introduction to Practical Carpentry

*Planning, preparing & installing wooden components.

*Cutting and fitting tongues & grooves

*Prepare & elect components from different angles.

Week 4

 *Finalising & Preparing for furnishing

* Cleaning of power / Pneumatic  & Hand tools and storing them in TOOLBOX.

*Applying furnishing techniques.

*Reviewing & inspecting finished products.

*Workshop Assessments.




We offer daily carpentry training courses where we measure and cut lumber. We also teach how to assemble, frame or install cabinets, wall cabinets, Kitchen Units, Wordrops, TV stands, shelves, and wooden floors.

What are the different types of connections? Carpentry?
Common types of joints include dovetail joints, used to join two flat parts at right angles, such as on drawer sides; Keyed connections, where the keyed connection serves to impart mechanical strength; as well as the mortise and tenon used to connect the horizontal member to the vertical member of the frame.

How much does a carpentry course cost in South Africa?

A short Carpentry course cost R8500.

Carpenter Training school in south africa, the entire skills course takes 4 weeks both  Theory and Workshop Experience

Do I receive a certificate for the carpentry course after? After the training, a carpentry certificate is issued. After the carpentry course, the student receives a certificate & becomes a qualified carpenter with minimal fees (cost).

The average carpenter’s salary in South Africa is R 185 000 per year or R 95.30 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 136 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 310 000 per year.
A monthly wage for entry-level Carpenters and joiners ranges from R5 541 to R10 466.