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What is a dump truck and why study a dump truck

Dump trucks are heavy machinery used to transport large volumes of bulk materials such as soil, sand, minerals,
 gravel and demolition wastes at large mining, civil or construction sites. In this course, we’ll look at the different
 sizes, types, and configurations of these dump trucks. In the field of work, however, if your next construction
mining project requires transporting bulk materials, chances are you need a dump truck.

In South Africa, dump trucks are commonly used in mining and to date they have employed many South Africans. The two most popular dump trucks for all jobs are rigid body dump trucks (also known as 777 dump trucks) and articulated dump trucks (ADT dump trucks).

Training on A Rigid Body Dump Truck Operations includes 30% theory Contact & Assessments and 70% Practical training Learner and Machine. Below see details of the modules.

Dump trucks are typically filled with mud, sand, or minerals using another machine, which then hauls its load to a 
designated location and unloads it. Thus, the main feature of the dump truck is the hydraulically powered 
dump truck, which allows the operator to lift and dump loads. In layman’s terms, hydraulic lifting systems are used 
to raise the dump body when it needs to be emptied.

Two large dump trucks and their differences

Our previous reports show that a 777 Dump truck is roomier and more stable, while a trailer is smaller, lighter and more versatile. 
Therefore, although these dump trucks are used in a similar way most especially mines and
construction sites 

FACT, they are typically used for different activities.

Rigid Body Dump Truck Training Requirements

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are compulsory a Rigid Body Dump Truck operator training requirements for safe working Purposes. 
  • Learners Attaining a Rigid Body Dump Truck Machine operator course will prove competence in aspects of communication and mathematical literacy at NQF Level 1 (Can  read and write). 
  • National ID/ Passport /Asylum & other Related documents are required plus a driver’s license or Alternatively Eye test. 
  • A CV is necessary for job assistance. For potential employers and recruitment agencies to screen competence levels on a Rigid Body Dump Truck operator course. 
  • An Expired copy of the aRigid Body Dump Truck certificate of competence and  operator license is required for renewal or Refresher course.

Outcomes of the dump truck training

  1. Demonstrating knowledge of the functions of a Rigid Body Dump Truck
  2. Planning for work activities and preparing working area.
  3. Starting and shutting down a Rigid Body Dump Truck.
  4. Operating a Rigid Body Dump Truck.
  5. Transporting a Rigid Body Dump Truck to and from the site. 

Articulated dump truck

SAQA US ID: 262745
NQF Level: 2
Credits: 10
Duration: 2 Weeks
In this ADT dump truck training course, our ADT driving school trains learners how to inspect and how to operate a dump truck according to the manufacturer’s specifications and worksite requirements. Learners get a genuine and accredited dump truck certificate and license after their training.

Planning for work activities and prepare work area

  1. Plan for work activities and prepare the work area. 
  2. A sequence of operations is determined according to site operational requirements. 
  3. Required equipment to perform the work activity is selected according to site operational requirements. 
  4. Required equipment to perform the work activity is selected according to site operational requirements. 
  5. Equipment includes, but is not limited to:
    Machine attachments, personal protective equipment and safety signs
  6. The work area is inspected and prepared according to site operational requirements